Week in Review – 15 October 2017

Well, this week has not been incredibly successful for fitness maintenance. Company put a few of us (myself included) through an open cablers registration so I spent the week in town at the depot. This should have been a prime opportunity for training! However, had a few things on during the week that restricted my enthusiasm and time. Chief among them was a dental appointment that pretty well prevented me from training in the afternoon and morning after (had to drive to work rather than ride and then was in no mood to train the following day). Also went out with some friends on Friday night so Saturday morning was out, didn’t help that I had to work on Sunday and head out of town for a few days so wasn’t super keen on “wasting” my Saturday with a long ride when I could stay in bed with Emma.

Friday night we headed to “Tennis On A Fork” which was basically a “Cairns On A Fork” event at the tennis courts. And “Cairns On A Fork” is an even where a whole bunch of local food trucks, restaurants, cafe’s etc all setup a pop-up together and we ended up with a bit of a street food event. Given that I initially got into endurance sports so I could eat more without guilt (terrible reason but it’s the truth) this was an even that I couldn’t pass up. Food was good, and of course had to be accompanied by a few beers (likely more than it should have been) as me and a mate caught up. This all definitely contributed to a decision to NOT ride on Saturday morning as I had a feeling that 5am and I were not going to be friendly. Turns out 5am and I were ok after all but the call had been made and in bed I stayed.

Oh and the washing machine broke Saturday morning so that was a mad rush to get a new one so I could wash my uniforms and work gear before heading out the door!

On the plus side, we now have a new washing machine! Went for a washer/dryer combo. I have heard that they aren’t as good at drying your clothes as a conventional unit, but we do actually have a dryer still so in the event that it’s not dry enough we can still finish it off in the dryer. That being said, having used them in hotels a few times I have never had a complaint. So, in the interest of laziness and limited sports clothing we went for the combo unit! We can now pop a load of washing on in the morning, hit “go” and when we come back in the afternoon everything will be ready to go in the cupboard.

One of the big wins with this is that I only have a limited amount of sports wear and I sweat, a lot. And I very regularly do 2-a-day’s. When you only have 3-4 sets of running gear the 2-a-day runs get awkward. Heck, cycling gear gets super sweaty after a big session and I only have a few pairs of bib shorts! Jerseys seem to be in unlimited supply but shorts? Not so much! So, the win here is being able to manage the washing a lot better going forward. As it has been we are fairly good at putting the washing on, not so good at remembering to move it to the dryer afterwards (#townhouselife! No line and little room means everything gets put through the dryer, even if the tag says not to). Being able to wash and dry in one hit should be a good efficiency boost and stop us forgetting about stuff in the washing machine for a few days!

Yes, I do realise I have just written several paragraphs about a new washing machine… Can’t help it, I’m excited!


Yeah no, nothing on this front this week.

00:00:00 total time, 0m total distance


Not a lot happened here, was feeling pretty shattered from the previous week’s efforts. I commuted most of the week and threw a few longer efforts in there to get some km’s up but by Thursday was feeling rather flat so that was the end of it.

Had planned on a ride Saturday morning with a mate to be followed by a cruise with Emma but Friday night shenanigans put a stop to the early start. Emma’s knee was playing up from falling off the bike a few weeks ago (bit tight where the scab is and a bit hurty) so that put a stop to heading out for a cruise together. Which, as detailed above, wasn’t a bad thing as Saturday turned into a pretty mad rush of buying a washing machine and packing for an away trip.

5:35:14 total time, 145.6km total distance


This week was all about the bike (albeit not a lot of it). No running.

00:00:00 total time, 0km total distance


Not a terribly successful week, focus still on just maintaining fitness and hopefully improving the bike. Also trying to drop a few kg’s so thats effecting energy levels. Hurray for the off-season!

5:35:14 total time, 145.6km total distance

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