Week in Review – 8 October 2017

Race in 8 months!

“I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.”
-Mae West

It’s now 4 weeks down, 35 to go. Coincidentally 1 month down and 8 months to go. My little Ironman Baby is well on it’s way!

It’s been a fairly good week for training, at least as far as “off season” work goes. I have been rostered at home in Cairns for the week (and next week!) which seems to be the exception rather than the rule of late. I managed to commute to and from work every day this week via push bike, awesome way to start and end the day and get a few extra km’s into the legs.


Emma managed to score a couple of tickets to Midnight Oil’s reef benefit charity gig at the Tanks Friday night as an anniversary present for me (5 wonderful years together and the first and last anniversary of being engaged!). Midnight Oil can put on a heck of a show and gosh damn Peter Garret’s dancing is even more insane in person than you would think it was from their video clips! Had an absolute blast! Dinner at Pho Viet before the show was pretty darn cracking as well.

Despite a lateish night out I managed to get myself out of bed early enough to tag along on the biggest PRG “social ride” of the year on Saturday. I believe that we had everyone present and accounted for. We headed out fron the NAB near Stockland off the Goldsborough, was a solid 90km return trip with customary coffee stop at Villa Romana to finish off. Jono, Richo and myself were the only blokes left riding by the time the Ray Jones sprint happened so we attempted a bit of a pace line on it. One thing we learned was triathletes are lousy at roadie tactics!

Saturday night was Reef Feast up at Palm Cove. Part of a week (or is it just weekend?) long celebration up at Palm Cove the esplanade up there has a heap of street food stalls and pop up’s from the local restaurants happening for the evening. It is always a good night out with great food and Emma and I are always keen on a good meal. We headed up for the evening and, of course, ate too much. Headed home early as we planned on going for a coffee ride with my sister in the morning. Good thing we did as I fell asleep on the drive home!

Sunday morning was a coffee ride from Southside into the city for a stop at Bang n’ Grind. Was a good little sesh although Gordon may have steered the group up Timerlea Drive. Gordon, Bek and Emma are all fairly early in the quest to cycling enlightenment and ended up having to walk up the hill. I am not sure when Gordon is going to live that one down. Probably never. Once we made it past that there were just a few rolling hills into the city and the group, spurred by promises of latte’s, made it through with minimal complaints. The post latte ride home was more whinge heavy as the carrot had already been drunk. Ah well, only way home is via “spin spin spin”! Everyone made it back safely and still breathing so winning all around.

Ok, on to the training breakdown…


Emma kicked me out of the house one morning with strict instructions to head to the pool… Uh, thanks?

0:24:33 total time, 1100m total distance


Commuting to work everyday helped to rack the km’s up this week. I added a 15km-25km loop on to a few of the commute time slots to pad them out and get some base back. Really haven’t done much cycling since Cairns 70.3. Thoroughly enjoyed the extra saddle time this week.

Saturday was a long ride with the PRG boys, had a blast with the bigger bunch. Sunday coffee ride was a  nice recovery sesh and chance to natter away (although it was a solid work out for the fam’, kudo’s to them all for keeping at it!)

11:46:37 total time, 262.5km total distance


Did a single 10’ish km loop to keep some run km up. I have a solid 2 weeks out of town where the only workout I will be able to do (if at all) will be running so not overly stressed about racking the run up at the moment. Have had a solid run year so far, I am far more keen on getting my bike back to where it should be. I did do short “Run Off The Bike” (ROTB) with Emma one afternoon as she was just heading out the door as I got home from a 25km loop so keeping the transition skills up a bit during the off season!

1:14:41 total time, 13.4km total distance


Pretty decent volume this week and a good mix of intensities. I feel I am heading in the right direction now! Plenty of time to fall of the rails before the end of the year though. Till next time!

13:25:51 total time, 277.1km total distance

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