Week in Review – September 24, 2017

As part of my mission to use this blog to help hold myself more accountable while training for an attempt at Ironman Cairns in 2018 I intend to start a “Week in Review” series. In this little recurrent bit I will detail the training successes and setbacks of the week and a general progress update. Additionally I have realised that an added benefit of this blog and the week in review series will be to help my little fan club (Hi Emma! And the rest of you if you’re there!) to connect and be more involved with some of the silliness that I am doing. After all, Strava isn’t for everybody!

This week marks 2 weeks since I finished Sunshine Coast 70.3 and committed to doing Ironman Cairns 2018. It also marks 37 weeks till the main event! So 2 down, 37 to go. I’d write a separate post up for week 1 but it was far from a massive occurrence so I will just summarise it here.

Week 1

Monday was post race day, no one does a huge amount on this day and neither did I. Emma and I spent the day wondering around Mooloolaba and just generally enjoying our time together out and about. We all started the long drive back to Cairns Tuesday morning and were very happy to be home Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday morning I felt a bit of a throat tickle and last about 2hrs at work on Thursday morning before having to take Thursday and Friday off with a head cold. This wonderful event continued on over the weekend, thankfully I was well enough to make it to work on Monday and off to Cooktown I headed.

Week 2 (This Week)

Was stuck up in Cooktown for work this week and ended up pulling a few big days which impacted on training and just life in general. The weekend brought a friend’s 30th birthday on Saturday night (which eliminated Sunday as a training day!!). So overall I haven’t had a big surge into training this week. Trying to shed some accumulated sleep debt and fatigue + been working out of town which always makes things challenging.


Uh… None? Haven’t had a chance to get wet this week.


Did a single solid ride this week on Saturday with the PRG boys. One of the very few “social” rides we manage to get in these days. Was absolutely shattered by the end, the ride home from coffee too 45mins to travel a measly 15km. Was a good morning out and about and highlighted how much my fitness has suffered of the past couple of months of slacking off.

4:00:11 total time, 107.5km total distance


Just a few runs before or after work where I could fit them in this week up in Cooktown. Amazing how quickly your run fitness leaves when you stop working out! Really struggled to hold any reasonable pace, my heart rate was through the roof. Trainingpeaks has these workouts as the top few 20min heart rate efforts for 2017. Not exactly bragging rights given its due to lack of fitness rather than digging deep.

1:43:09 total time, 19.3km total distance


Not a huge training week but with my weaker fitness at the moment that might not be a bad thing. Focus going forward for the next few weeks will be keeping motivated, I am not going to be following a structured program for a while as I have a lot of out of town work and a holiday coming up. Instead I am going to work on putting some of the fun factor back into it all for a few weeks.

5:43:20 total time, 126.8km total distance

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