Here goes nothing!

Well folks, here goes nothing! I am (once again) firing up a blog! I have attempted to continue (I won’t say start as I have started a few times!) an online journal of sorts a few times over the years but none have ever stuck for too long.

This time I am hoping it will be different.

This time I am undertaking a rather big challenge and need every little bit of help I can get.

One week ago, on the 11th of September, I signed up for the 2018 Cairns Ironman.

I have willingly signed up to attempt to swim 3.8km, bike 180km and follow it all with a 42.2km run. It’s in 9 months. That’s enough time to make a baby… I’m hoping it’s enough time to make an Ironman!

I am hoping that writing about my journey to 140.6 will help me stay motivated over the next 9 months. Even if no one reads this the very act of having to write should help keep me accountable! If only to my own ego.

Going forward I plan to write about everything from training for an Ironman as a rank amateur with no idea to what I had for dinner and where I went camping on the weekend and everything in between.

Here is to bigger and better things going forward!

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